Casey Carter

Casey Carter (1980-2021) grew up in the South. For seventeen years he traveled the United States cooking in fine restaurants from New York to Colorado to Seattle, Washington. During this time, Carter wrote poetry, songs and painted prolifically. His books include: Currents (2006), Woods By Day Bars By Night (2012), Aflame (2016), Raw Heart Honey (2016), and Falling Leaves Observation (2017).

His paintings, to name a few: Casting Nets (1999), Human Narratives (2005), Frequency Dreams (2012), and Oregon Beeswax (2016). Carter's album Proletarian Vitamins (2013) is the musical companion to Woods By Day Bars By Night. He currently has many open projects. In addition to the arts, Casey loves hiking, maps, cooking and essential oils. He and his wife live in North Carolina.